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Hi, I have exterior French doors on my 10 year old home. When we bought the house from the previous owners, our inspector noticed water damage on the trim on the outside of the door (both sides) and some on the inside of the left side. That was supposedly fixed. I have noticed over the past 4 years some moisture under the length of the left door but nothing major (basically when it's really cold/freezing outside). I have been concerned about dry rot and the water damage and almost had the door replaced this past summer (w/ French sliding doors) but decided to wait. I have now noticed he wood floor piece right adjacent to the door has a gap in it on the left side, and the wood is very spongy and peeling along the bottom (which I had noticed before). There is black along the piece along the bottom of the door as well (not sure what that piece is called). Here is a picture (not sure why it's so big): What exactly do I need to do to fix this? Do I need to replace the entire door and if so, can it wait until spring (it is now in the 20s here)? Is there something I need to do in the near term to fix the dry rot areas? Thanks!!!!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: WILLIAM zJONES (Fort Wayne, IN), 01/04/2019

Sounds like a lot of houses around here. Built in 40'5-50's, semi custom, 4 block tied thru to stone or brick. Rocklathe plaster over furring strips nailed to the block. Sound about right?? The windows likely do not have any wood framing, but would have wood blocks set into the cinder block, for securing the windows. Brick or stone sill, steel lintel above supporting the block above. You can frame the opening with 1x or 2x stock and use that for a nailer, or use the existing wood to secure the window, but that reduces the opening size. If you have better than average DIY skills, then I say you probably can do it. Remove the interior trim to see exactly what you have. That will give you a better idea how to size the windows. Hope this helps.

- BRETT RHODES (Thornton, CO), 02/16/2019


- HAZEL JENSEN (New Britain, CT), 02/14/2019

The problem as I see it, is a poor door installation from the beginning. It probably can not be easily corrected without removing and reinstalling the door. if you do that, you may as well install a quality door, one less susceptable to weather problems.

- STELLA MCKINNEY (Provo, UT), 02/26/2019

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