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Hello, What is the best way to remove old glazing from a wood sash. The method I'm using now (scraping and swearing) works but there must be an eaiser way. I've heard of something you can put on it to soften it, an attachment for your drill to grind it off, heat gun-do any of these things work? Thanks
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: WILLIE BARKER (Warren, OH), 01/07/2019

The nature of your question makes me suggest you should consult a professional. There is no really easy way to replace a rotted sill, and how much is rotted may determine the procedure. Tearing out the window should only be followed by installing a new window. If the rot is not widespread, an epoxy wood filler may work once the rot is removed. The worse the rot, the more work is needed, but there is no written way to deal with the problem.

- VIOLET STEVENSON (Palmdale, CA), 03/04/2019

I've heard of that tool ,but did an internet search and came up with nothing. Maybe they are not making it anymore.

- TONI YANG (Vallejo, CA), 02/17/2019

I've always used a 5in1 putty knife. If you are repainting the window, there is no need to remove all the glazing. Any glazing that is well adhered will last until it's time to repaint.

- TRACY YANG (Kalamazoo, MI), 02/10/2019

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