Forum Title: Shrink rap window insulation or 4 mil plastic sheeting?
This past fall my wife and I bought a 120 year old Victorian in Michigan. Unfortunately, even with the aftermarket aluminum exterior storm windows, a significant amount of air and heat loss is happening. We determined that it is because of air flowing past the window jams and seams. I looked at getting some of those window plastic shrink rap kits, however each window is over 5 feet wide and about 7 feet high and the �large� window kits are about $8.00 each. With over 15 windows, it would be cost prohibitive. I have been looking into clear plastic sheeting (4 mil) and I was wondering if anyone has just used that, how well it worked, and if that too can be warmed up to shrink a little? At $30 for a roll of 8� by 100� it appears that it would be a substantially better deal.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: GERTRUDE SHELTON (Encinitas, CA), 01/29/2019

Vulkem 116 would be a good choice. I believe Lowes carries it.

- BRAD BARKER (Dearborn, MI), 03/07/2019

What Chandler said. More air gets in around the windows than thru the windows. DO NOT USE EXPANDING FOAM!!! Non expanding foam(blue can at big box) or I like DAP Foam. I assume these old windows have weight pockets?? That is another major air issue, but if you keep the old windows, you almost have to keep the weights.

- A. O. Smith (New York City, NY), 02/20/2019

If you do go the plastic route you will need to mount it so it completely covers the windows and frames to block leakage from all the way to around the frames.This would be far easier and far less damaging with the shrink wrap kits.These kits come with relatively low impacting double sided tape for mounting.4 mill plastic would require you to come up with your own mounting and because it is heavier the tape in the kits would not be suitable.Most any tape that would do the job would be damaging to paint,wall surfaces etc.Also most 4 mill plastic is milky and you cannot see through it.And finally 4 mill plastic would be harder to get tight.

- WENDY VARGAS (Canton, OH), 02/18/2019

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