Forum Title: Wooden garage door needs repair
I've got an old wooden multi panel garage door that is showing it's age. The door lost a few of it's screws and over time has become a bit 'racked'. I looked at prices to replace it and thought maybe I'd try to do something to try and repair it while I save up for the replacement. I've filled the holes of the screws that pulled out with toothpicks with wood glue on them to try and give a little more meat for them to hold onto. I was thinking that perhaps I could actually drill through to the front of the door and put a bolt with washers on both ends on the front and the back side. I was also thinking that I could put some sort of metal collar in the hole first to distribute the tension on the wood from the bolt when the door is moving. Do they sell something like this at the hardware store? Lastly, on repairing the racked wood, I was thinking of unscrewing the top part of the sections that needed to be repaired and then opening the door to pull the good sections out of the way so that I can work on the troubled areas. Do you think this is a decent approach? Most of the problems are on the lower door. Thanks!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: NICOLE GOMEZ (Deltona, FL), 01/24/2019

Sounds like Maine Coon cats, but surely you jest??? If my calculator is correct, that is close to 900lbs. Window sills are, for the most part, decorative, not supporting anything heavy. And you would need something wider than 5 1/4. I assume there is more going on this sill, like a platform???

- JOY TERRY (Evansville, IN), 02/14/2019

Garage door

- CINDY LAWRENCE (Charleston, SC), 02/21/2019

Depending on how old it is and the actual construction, these may be very temporary repairs. Many wooden doors used fingerjointed wood for the rails and stiles. Had a neighbor who literally spent days and days tightening his 2 lower panels and reinforcing them with 1/4 ply, Gorilla Glue and screws on the inside. He carefully cut large pieces of the ply to be able to cover about half the door panel with each piece. Cleaned out all the separating joints as well as he could, wet them and injected GG into them. Attached the ply inside with GG, clamps and screws. Let it all set up, cleaned off the excess glue, sanded, painted. Wow...they looked great. Looked real strong and professional. Prob 2 weeks later he was asking me what brand steel door he should buy, as the joints were all seperating and the ply was cracking. The wood doors were just too heavy when up and the bowing force opened everything up again. It's all about maintenance and weather. Not saying you shouldn't make an attempt at repair, replacing hardware, etc, just don't go too crazy and expect it to last forever.

- Jonty Griffith (Tampa, FL), 02/15/2019

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